How to get additional
profits with short-term rentals

If you have an apartment or rooms for rent, you don't have to earn money only on the accommodation itself. You can add a few extra ones to the standard service, on which you can get additional profit. All you need to do is analyze your location, consider what customers may need and start working with local companies. Thanks to additional services, guests will be satisfied and will feel special treatment. Many people prefer to pay someone to organize certain things than do it themselves. The owner of the apartment or guesthouse may therefore charge fees for additional services, obtain a commission or recommendations from cooperating companies and, of course, recommendations from satisfied guests. It has been known for a long time that customer satisfaction leads to higher profits.

Cooperation with companies in the vicinity of the apartment or guesthouse

Living in a city and running a business there, we know not only the local market, but we have all kinds of connections that can be used to obtain mutual profits. How can cooperation with neighboring companies be used? The owner of the apartment or guesthouse can recommend the services of friendly companies in return for a commission (on the number of recommendations or the value of purchases) on the recommendation (then the apartment guests should get an individual code or a leaflet to be presented in the company). How to encourage guests to use the services of companies cooperating with us?

  • Bakery - when guests arrive, buy a piece of delicious cake, bun or cookies. Next to the plate, leave the bakery business card with the individual code agreed with the bakery. If they like the sweets, they will surely visit the bakery more than once during your stay.
  • Restaurant - show customers the 3 best restaurants in town and leave business cards with codes or leaflets for guests to easily find their way there. Many people on vacation do not know where to go for a meal, recommendations are therefore welcome.
  • Bowling alley - is there a bowling alley nearby? It is always a great idea for a nice evening. Leave a flyer of friend bowling alley with a code - maybe your guests will want to play and have a good time at a small competition.
  • Trampoline park - if your guests come with children, it will be a great attraction. Leave information about the nearest trampoline park, leave a leaflet with an individual, agreed code. Describe additional attractions on the spot (bouncy castle, games machines).
  • Bookstore - bad weather on vacation or all-day sunbathing can encourage you to visit the bookstore and buy some new items. Leave your guests the business card of the bookstore with the code. Or you can leave some new bestseller in the apartment or room for encouragement.

Offering additional services to apartment guests

When going on vacation or even a weekend, we want to spend time in a special way, but we do not always know how to organize it. So the owner of the apartment or guesthouse has a lot of room to show off. By offering additional services, it not only satisfies customers, but also earns money from intermediation. There are many ideas for such services - you only need to choose those that we are able to organize. When booking, the customer should be able to read the list of additional services - they should also be available on the website or Facebook so that guests can read them at any time and have the opportunity to order them. A few ideas for additionally paid services:

  • Organization of a birthday cake or a larger package of cakes, yeast-cake and bread for a specified time - this service will work best if the bakery has the option of delivering an order. It would be very nice on vacation at 9 to get fresh bread and sweet roll to the apartment for lunch. If one of the guests has a birthday during their stay, they will surely be surprised by a gift from their relatives in the form of a cake.
  • Organization of a romantic dinner in the room, e.g. rose petals on the bed, candles, an elegantly prepared table for dinner and a tasty meal, wine or champagne and strawberries. Couples or married couples often go away for the weekend to celebrate the anniversary, many men propose to their chosen ones during the trips. Such a romantic arrangement of the room would delight every couple.
  • Supplying a fridge for a few days - choosing a room in a guesthouse or apartment, we do not always offer full board. Guests usually dine outside, but breakfast with coffee or tea is nice to eat in the room. Before arrival, the guest would provide a shopping list (bread, cheese, ham, butter, 10 eggs, milk, cereals, water, juice) and the owner would provide a refrigerator for an additional fee.
  • Access to Netflix or HBO GO - not everyone on vacation or a short break goes sightseeing or lying on the beach all day. For many people, a lazy evening in front of the TV is a rest. Additionally, bad weather may force you to spend your time in this way. Access to the platform can make your stay more pleasant.
  • Providing an apartment or room with board or card games, a few toys, a drawing pad and crayons - many people traveling with children take an additional bag for such equipment. This is often troublesome. You can avoid taking things from home if, for a small additional fee, we find time-amusers for children in the rented apartment.
  • Selling other products - You or someone from your family or loved ones make home wine, making homemade preserves, making handmade greeting cards or macrame decorations? Give your guests the option to order them.
Offering additional PREMIUM services to apartment guests

Each group of travelers and guests has different needs. They often vary depending on where you are staying during a short or long vacation. It is worth analyzing the local situation of an apartment or guesthouse and consider what the guests' needs may be.

  • Do you rent apartments or rooms by the sea? In such locations, it will be useful to organize a quad bike ride on the beach, a horse ride on the beach or a motorboat or sailboat cruise.
  • Do you offer short-term rental by the lake? Guests would be pleased with the additional possibility of renting a boat, kayaks or pedal boats. You can additionally offer delivery of purchases.
  • Do you rent rooms or apartments in the mountains? Przemyśl the possibility of renting bicycles to guests. You can also organize bonfires in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter. For those who love sightseeing and getting to know not only famous places, a guide can be offered.
  • Do you offer accommodation in large cities? Many people travel by train or plane - it is worth considering the possibility of picking up from the station or airport and taking guests to an apartment or guesthouse. You can also rent your own car for a day or help with arranging the rental.

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