How to arrange cleaning of
the apartment when renting short term

Short-term rental of apartments instead of long-term allows you to receive much larger monthly profits. However, nothing is for free - the owner has to spend more of his time and money constantly dealing with matters related to the rental of the apartment.

Jedną z kluczowych kwestii jest sprzątanie po każdym pojedynczym, One of the key issues is cleaning up after each single, short-term rent. Assuming that the owner rents the apartment for a minimum of 3 days, cleaning is necessary from several to even 10 times a month. Cleaning is a theoretically simple topic, but in fact it is very problematic in the case of short-term rental, because it requires proper planning of work and cash.

What is the most important when cleaning the apartment?

Guests require the highest quality of services, which is why the cleanliness of the apartment is of key importance. This affects both the comfort and the customer's opinion. Profits are important, but they are made through satisfied customers. A customer dissatisfied with the services will not give a good opinion or recommend the offer to friends or family.

The hotel day ends around 11:00 and start around 16:00. Gives up to 5 hours of cleaning time. In an apartment of about 50m2, cleaning should take about 3 hours. However, it depends on the condition of the apartment left by the landlords

After guests have left and before the next ones arrive, there are a few key steps to take:

  • checking the cleanliness of the couch and any curtains or curtains and cleaning them if necessary;
  • change of bed linen and towels to clean, ironed and fragrant,
  • wiping dust in the whole apartment,
  • vacuuming and cleaning the floor,
  • if necessary, washing the window with the sill,
  • cleaning the bathroom (bathtub, shower, washbasin, toilet) and filling the gaps in soap or toilet paper,
  • cleaning the kitchen (fridge, stove, sink, countertops), washing dishes, emptying garbage bins.

The flat requires constant checking of its condition. From time to time it will be necessary to wash curtains, curtains and sofas.

It is customary for apartment owners to charge, apart from the accommodation fee, a final cleaning fee of PLN 100-200 (depending on the size of the apartment).

Self-cleaning and preparation of the apartments for the next visit

One of the options for cleaning between stays is cleaning by the apartment owners. It can be problematic, however, as 11:00 am - 4:00 pm are standard working hours. Working in your own company or being employed full-time you will not be able to spend time cleaning. Only a non-working, retired owner or one who carries out a job that allows you to devote several hours a month to cleaning several times a month can afford it.

When deciding to clean the apartment on your own, you need to spend time washing bed linen and towels, ironing and purchasing cleaning products in addition to cleaning the apartment. Self-cleaning will save money for cleaning, which we will receive from guests.

Employment of a private person for cleaning

Most apartment owners do not have the time or desire to clean the apartment and prefer to hire a third party to do so. If the owner has a trusted person among friends or family who would like to take on such a task and "earn some extra money", then such cooperation can be easily undertaken. If not - it remains to find a person by submitting a job offer on internet portals, eg OLX. Many people are looking for a casual job for several hours a week. So you can easily find the right person.

You can make an appointment with the person who is to clean the apartment for a fixed rate for cleaning the premises or for an hour of work. In addition, the owner must invest money in cleaning products and cleaning tools such as sponges, cloths, mop, vacuum cleaner, etc. Washing and ironing can take place in the apartment if the conditions are favorable - if not, it can be agreed that the employee is employed the person will perform these activities in their own home. The amount received from the client for the cleaning service will fully cover all costs.

An important issue is the availability of the person employed to clean the apartments. There are no fixed working days for the entire month, and the need for cleaning occurs several days in advance. This person should be aware of this and agree to such a mode of work. In addition, the owner must have an emergency replacement if, due to a random situation (accident, illness, family situation), the cleaning person will not be able to perform the cleaning service. When employing a stranger, we can also face dishonesty or sudden resignation from work. So it's an inexpensive option, but can be risky if the owner doesn't have a permanent, trusted associate.

Hiring a cleaning company

Another option for cleaning the apartment is to hire a professional cleaning company. Before choosing a specific one, it is worth checking a few offers, reading the opinion to be sure that we have selected the best one. By using the services of professionals, the owner of the apartment does not have to provide either cleaning agents or cleaning tools. There is also no risk that the apartment will not be cleaned because the employee is sick or cannot come - then another will take his place. Cleaning companies also offer washing, ironing and mangle services.

The great advantage of such companies is flexibility and availability. The downside of choosing this option is the higher cleaning price, which can be up to 2 times more expensive than hiring an individual cleaning person. The advantage, however, is the great convenience for the apartment owner, because he does not have to spend his time organizing the cleaning service.

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