Apartment regulations, list of equipment
and a short-term refundable deposit

These issues are very important - before the start of the rental, you should prepare the rules of stay and the list of equipment and decide whether to charge a refundable deposit from customers. Visitors should have easy access to this information. The regulations and the list of equipment can be placed on the website, sent by e-mail after the customer has made a reservation and placed in a visible place in the apartment. If we decide to collect a deposit, such information should be indicated in the regulations along with a detailed explanation of the conditions for its collection, return and any deductions. The customer should also be able to obtain such information before submitting the booking and for confirmation during the process.

Apartment regulations

When renting our own apartment to strangers for a few nights, we must establish clear rules about what behavior we accept and which categorically not. Guests should adhere to this. If someone does not like the prevailing rules (e.g. no possibility of arriving with a dog weighing 50 kg), unfortunately he should look for a different location. As an owner, you have the right to impose certain issues. Contractual penalties can be set for failure to comply with the regulations.

Think about the following and clearly describe them in points in the regulations:

  • What will the hours of check-in and check-out be? Is accommodation possible during the night? If so, on what terms?
  • How many people can stay in the apartment maximum? Will there be a penalty for exceeding the limit?
  • Do we agree to smoking in the apartment? If not, do we provide for a penalty for breach of this rule?
      EXAMPLE: Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the apartment. There is a penalty of PLN 300 for breaking this rule. However, smoking is allowed on the balcony with a closed ashtray.
  • Do we agree to the stay of children in the apartment? If so, do we want to indicate any age range at each age?
  • Will guests be allowed to bring pets? If so, indicate what animals are accepted, what are the rules of their keeping and what is the penalty for possible damage to property.
      EXAMPLE: You can bring one animal up to 15 kilograms in weight to the apartment (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, small dogs, cats). Rodents, however, should be kept in cages - there is no permission to let them out into the apartment. Dogs and cats cannot be left alone in the apartment for more than 4 hours. Any damage caused by pets will be deducted from the refundable deposit..
  • Until when and on what terms can the booking be canceled? Do we take an advance or a down payment?
  • Can loud parties take place in the apartment? If so, on what terms? If not, do we provide for a penalty for breaking the ban?
  • Are you going to charge a refundable deposit? If so, what will be the conditions for its collection, return and possible deductions?

List of equipment

It is a good idea to make an inventory of all the furniture, appliances and other items in the apartment's equipment. This allows the owner to easily check the condition of the apartment's furnishings. It also facilitates situations in the event of noticing deficiencies. Each landlord should be advised to report any deficiencies, otherwise the damage or misappropriation could be attributed to the wrong person.

An exemplary list of equipment for a 48-meter two-room apartment with a separate kitchen and bathroom:

  • Hall:
      1 large double door wardrobe with mirror, 1 shoe cabinet, 1 standing hanger.
  • Big room:
      2 large chests of drawers, 1 sofa bed, 2 armchairs, 1 coffee table, 1 square table, 4 chairs;
      1 55 'TV, 1 radio;
      1 wall clock, 3 paintings, 3 potted flowers, 5 standing;
      day and night blinds on the windows.
  • Bedroom:
      bed 160x200 cm, 2 bedside tables, 1 large built-in wardrobe;
      3 flowers in pots, 3 pictures;
      42 'TV;
      day and night blinds for windows, curtains.
  • Kitchen:
      1 set of kitchen furniture to size, 2 chairs;
      1 fridge, 1 electric oven, 1 sink, 1 microwave, 1 coffee machine, kettle;
      6 plates each, large, deep and small, coffee cups, glasses, wine glasses, cutlery;
      2 pans, 3 pots;
      blind day and night on the window.
  • Bathroom:
      1 shower, 1 under-cupboard washbasin, 1 WC, 2 hanging cabinets, mirror.

Refundable deposit

The collection of a refundable deposit is a matter of dispute. Poles are not used to paying it for short-term rentals - many people can therefore opt out of the offer if, in addition to the fixed costs, you need to pay a few hundred zlotys of deposit. For the owner of the apartment, however, it is a protection against property damage. What decision should I make?

If you decide to charge a deposit, it cannot be too high as it will scare away potential guests. The range of PLN 100-300 is most appropriate. Clear and clear information regarding the deposit should be presented to the client when viewing the offer, in the regulations and when placing the order. It is worth deciding to charge a deposit when:

  • families with small children will often stay in the apartment - it may happen that tableware or knick-knacks are broken or the couch is dirty, the walls, couch or bedding are marked with felt-tip pens;
  • the apartment will accept pets - pets in a foreign place may stress, and if left alone for a few hours, they may bite, scratch, break or get something dirty;
  • we agree to organize events in the apartment (birthday, hen or bachelor party) - unfortunately, alcohol can cause various damages;
  • the suite is exclusive and the furnishings were expensive.

The deposit may be collected by bank transfer together with the payment for accommodation and returned to the account after checking the apartment or charged in cash when checking in and returned when returning the apartment. In the second situation, however, eviction should take place in the presence of the owner, so that he can verify any damage or loss.

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