Kitchen equipment in the apartment for short-term rental

When going on vacation or a business trip, we need not only a bed to sleep and a bathroom to be washed, but also a well-equipped and functional kitchen. Guests want to be able to prepare breakfast, make coffee, cook lunch or light dinner. The kitchen in the apartment should have similar equipment as in a standard home - nobody wants to eat breakfast on plastic plates or drink wine from a coffee mug on vacation or on a business trip

Many people prefer to rent a short-term apartment rather than hotel services, precisely because of the kitchen at their disposal. This is of particular importance for families with children or people on business trips.

Are you preparing an apartment for a short-term rental and do not know how to plan a kitchen? Find out what to look for, what appliances are necessary and what to equip the kitchen with to make it fully comfortable and functional.

Renovation of the kitchen in the apartment

The kitchen should match the style of the entire apartment, so you should plan the renovation so that the colors and equipment match the rest of the apartment. Whether it will be Scandinavian, glamor, modern, loft or other style - it is worth ensuring that a specific style is maintained throughout the apartment.

Due to the special nature of use, it would be advisable to invest in good-quality stain-resistant paints and good-quality furniture that will not be too sensitive to damage. It is also necessary to purchase furniture and equipment that will not be difficult to clean and will allow you to keep clean.

What furniture is necessary in an apartment kitchen

After the renovation, it's time to furnish the room. In the case of a kitchen, you can purchase and install modular furniture or commission a carpentry company to make furniture to size. The first option may be much cheaper but more cumbersome. Sometimes it is difficult to match furniture modules to your infrastructure and household appliances. If the walls of the apartment and the floor are not perfectly even, gaps may appear between the modular furniture and household appliances, favoring damage and dust collection. The advantage, however, is the fast delivery time and the short time of placing the order. Custom-made furniture is, in turn, a very convenient option, a specialist, after all measurements, makes a full development project. The whole space fits perfectly and looks elegant. The downside is the high price and the long waiting time for furniture and its assembly.

Kitchen equipment necessary in the apartment

In order for the guests of the apartment to feel at home and prepare meals, it is necessary to purchase basic kitchen utensils:

  • a place to eat meals, i.e. a table and chairs or an island with chairs,
  • cooker (preferably induction or electric) with an oven,
  • cooker hood
  • fridge with freezer,
  • lodówka z zamrażalnikiem,
  • a sink with a place to dry the dishes,
  • it is not necessary to buy a microwave and dishwasher, but it will be a big plus.

What utility items should the kitchen be equipped with in a rental apartment?

In addition to furniture and household appliances, it is also necessary to equip the kitchen to prepare meals and drinks. Necessary utility items in an apartment kitchen are:

  • small, large and deep plates and small and large bowl
  • a set of cutlery and knives,
  • glasses, mugs, cups,
  • a few pots and a pan,
  • cutting boards,
  • kitchen cloths and a paper towel,
  • dishwashing liquid and dish sponges,
  • garbage can and garbage bags.

The amount of equipment should depend on the number of people who may stay in the apartment. If we rent an apartment for a maximum of 4 people, the existing one should provide all guests with the opportunity to eat a meal or drink a coffee. It is worth leaving one glass or a plate more in case of breakage. When buying utility items for the kitchen, you need to take into account their consumption and possible shortages. Better to buy a set of 12 glasses and plates so that you can replenish damaged or missing equipment. Cutting boards, on the other hand, wear out quickly, and it's worth having a few to spare.

Kitchen accessories for short-term rental

The better the kitchen is equipped, the happier the customers will be. The happier they are, the greater the chance that they will use our services again, recommend them to friends or leave a positive opinion on the Internet. In high-standard apartments and high rental rates, basic equipment and fittings are a bit too little. The kitchen can be additionally equipped with:

  • capsule coffee machine, filter coffee machine or at least coffee maker,
  • hand blender,
  • glasses for vodka, wine, liqueurs and whiskey,
  • Wine Opener,
  • heat-resistant dishes,
  • grill pan or wok,
  • first aid kit, scissors.

It will also be welcome to leave small sweets, basic spices, as well as coffee and tea in the equipment

Cleanliness in the apartment kitchen

The kitchen in the rented apartment should be not only nice and functional, but also clean. Before the arrival of guests, the cleaning person should thoroughly clean the entire kitchen and leave it immaculately clean. It is necessary:

  • dust removal,
  • washing the window if necessary,
  • cleaning household appliances as well as countertops, tables and cabinets,
  • washing dishes and emptying the dishwasher,
  • taking out the rubbish and leaving empty baskets,
  • thorough cleaning of the floor,
  • replenishing dishwashing liquid and paper towel, replacing the sponge,
  • replenishment of any candies, spices, coffee and tea.

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