Furnishing a bathroom in an apartment for short-term rental

Apparently, the heart of the apartment is the kitchen and many people will agree with it. However, when planning a vacation, a weekend away from home or a business trip, we pay attention to every detail and every room. The size of the apartment, its decor and furnishings, as well as kitchen and bathroom equipment are important. Customers expect the highest quality of service, so only ensuring the right level will provide the owner profit, which is the result of customer satisfaction. Please note that people looking for an apartment for rent, they read the opinions of previous guests. So it is very important not to give your customers the grounds for writing negative reviews on Facebook or Google.

Do you have an apartment that you plan to prepare for short-term rental? Find out what to equip the bathroom with and how to arrange it to make it functional.

What to equip a small bathroom for short-term rental?

In the case of a small bathroom, choose bright colors such as delicate pastels, gray or beige with possible small color additions. Good lighting is very important as well the largest possible mirror, which will enlarge the interior. A small size is more difficult to arrange because you need to fit all the necessary things while maintaining the convenience of using the bathroom.

People traveling for private or business purposes expect not only a nice but also functional bathroom. Its equipment, however, depends on its size.

The basic and necessary equipment for a small bathroom is:

  • toilet,
  • a shower with a small corner shelf inside for cosmetics,
  • a small, over-the-counter washbasin,
  • a standing or hanging cabinet with a mirror for small items,
  • a small washing machine with the top opening,
  • towel rack.

In the case of a very small room, consider:

  • installation of sliding doors instead of opening inwards or outwards,
  • installing underfloor heating so as not to waste space on the radiator,
  • placing the washing machine in the kitchen instead of in the bathroom.

What to equip a large bathroom for short-term rental?

In the case of a large bathroom with access to daylight, it is affordable for greater color and material madness. Currently, walls imitating concrete are very fashionable, wooden accessories, dark tiles or colorful mosaics on floors or walls. A larger bathroom allows for more madness but also more comfort.

Necessary equipment for a large bathroom is:

  • toilet,
  • simple shower and a large bathtub,
  • comfortable, large washbasin,
  • large mirror on the wall,
  • a set of bathroom furniture,
  • a washing machine and maybe even a washer dryer,
  • towel rack

In the case of a very large and exclusive room, you can think about it:

  • bathroom equipment both with a toilet and a bidet,
  • placing two sinks,
  • inserting a standing large mirror,
  • adding interesting accessories such as an armchair, dressing table, carpet or plants.

Necessary additions in the bathroom for short-term rental apartment guests

The time of taking hair dryers or towels for a weekend trip is slowly passing. It was not only troublesome but also inconvenient. When renting an apartment, guests expect basic equipment for the entire apartment, including the bathroom, so that you can only take personal items with you.

When preparing a bathroom for short-term rental, it is also worth equipping it with:

  • a hair dryer,
  • clean and nice towels (for bath and hand),
  • bath rug,
  • small trash can,
  • toilet paper,
  • soap and possibly small, disposable shampoos or shower gels,
  • a few washing capsules,
  • szczotka do toalety.

Cleanliness of the bathroom in the apartmentie

Even the most beautiful tiles, furniture, equipment or decorative details will not matter, if the apartment Guest finds a bathroom that was poorly cleaned. The person doing the cleaning before the arrival of guests should pay particular attention to:

  • wipe all dust (also from the window sill, heater or high cabinets)
  • washing the window if necessary,
  • cleaning and disinfecting the bathtub, shower cubicle, sink, faucet and toilet
  • wiping the tiles,
  • thorough cleaning of the floor,
  • replenishing liquids and toilet paper,
  • leaving clean towels and a bath rug.

The owner may also consider leaving a small vacuum cleaner in the apartment, a mop and a small brush and basic cleaning fluids. For a longer stay for your own comfort, guests will be able to "embrace" the bathroom.

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