Furnishing a bedroom in an apartment for short-term rental

The bedroom is a place where you can relax after a difficult day, therefore, its device and equipment should provide full comfort. The bedroom should be furnished in terms of the target group of guests, which we mainly plan to host in the apartment. It should be arranged a little differently for families with children, differently for couples and married couples, and yet differently for a group of friends.

Are you planning to prepare an apartment for short-term rental and do not know how to plan interior design and shopping? Check how to arrange the bedroom in the apartment to make it comfortable and functional.

Preparation of the bedroom in the apartment

Having an empty, renovated space for a bedroom, it is enough to equip it with furniture and decorative accessories. When planning shopping, remember that the atmosphere of the bedroom should match the style of the whole apartment - no matter if it will be the Scandinavian style, loft, boho or modern. Adherence to the same style throughout the apartment creates a coherent, atmospheric whole.

When arranging the bedroom, you should consider to which group of guests we address the offer in particular (Let's arrange a bedroom in a two-room apartment):

  • Family with 1 or 2 children - bed (approx. 160 x 200 cm) with a place next to it, which will allow you to insert a travel cot. Can be added in the bedroom additionally a single, fold-out sofa bed or a single bed for a larger child. Necessarily it is also providing more storage space, so buying a small wall unit or a large wardrobe and a minimum of 2 chests of drawers. In this case, it is better to focus on the functionality of the room than on ornaments.
  • Couples and married couples - a bed with bedside tables on the sides. No need for a large amount of storage space - a large wardrobe or a large chest of drawers is enough. You can afford to add ornaments or fashionable accessories. In addition to functionality, in this case it will be of great importance coziness and atmosphere of the room.
  • A group of friends - a two-room apartment can accommodate 4 people. Therefore, there should be a large fold-out sofa in the living room that can accommodate 2 people, then one bed is enough in the bedroom (e.g. 160x200). If there is no room in the living room, it is in the bedroom that there should be a storage space for 4 people. In this case, you can go crazy with fashionable, interesting additions.

The greatest success will be the arrangement of the bedroom and the entire apartment, which will appeal to all target groups and will provide everyone with full comfort.

Buying a bed for the bedroom of the apartment

The bed is of course the most important thing in the bedroom - it's supposed to be nice, but more importantly, comfortable. The size of the bed should be selected according to the size of the bedroom, as well as the whole apartment and the whether there will be a sleeping place in another room or rooms. Additionally, it is worth considering which target group of customers we want to reach the most. The most popular sizes of beds available in furniture stores are:

  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 220x200 cm

In addition to the size of the bed, the right mattress is crucial. During sleep, we rest and our body regenerates, so it affects our well-being and health. The most popular types of mattresses are:

  • Foam - which are flexible and ensure proper body positioning on the entire surface. After being deformed by the body, the foam slowly returns to its basic position when not in use.
  • Spring - these mattresses are made on the basis of pocket springs, which are connected with each other with a thin fabric bag, which makes them a perfect fit to the contours of the body. In addition, the spine is strongly supported, which is very important for our health. Another plus is that this mattress is very quiet.
  • Latex - characterized by high durability and flexibility. They fit very well to the shape of the body, ensuring great comfort. Latex mattresses have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is why they are especially recommended for allergy sufferers.
  • When buying a mattress, you should also pay attention to its hardness.

Another issue is the purchase of duvets and pillows. It is best to buy a duvet that is not too warm (or thin for summer and thicker for winter) and medium-sized pillows. You can also buy it a few small pillows and a warm blanket for winter. It is worth investing in renting apartments stain and waterproof cover. When equipping the bedroom, it is best to refuse colorful bed linen and sheets made of satin or bark. In apartments for rent, cotton, white sets, which are easy to use, work best they wash and iron. In addition, they are comfortable and pleasant to touch. If the owner wants a color accent, it is better to buy colorful decorative pillows, a blanket or a cover instead of bedding.

Bedroom furniture in the apartment

As we indicated at the beginning, the number of furniture depends on the size of the bedroom and the entire apartment, but also on the target group and the number of people who will stay in the apartment. Marriage with two small children need three times as much space as the couple themselves.

When choosing furniture, pay attention to its packing. Some furniture seems roomy, but when we open it, it turns out that hardly anything fits in them. The best solution is a large custom-made wardrobe with space for hanging as well position of clothes with drawers. If this is not possible, you can buy a smaller wardrobe and a chest of drawers separately. Next to the beds, if possible, you can add bedside tables with drawers for small items.

What accessories to choose for the bedroom?

Functionality is one thing, but the appearance of the bedroom is very important. In addition to the necessary furniture and accessories, you can buy accessories that will give the right atmosphere, style and cosiness:

  • ceiling and possibly standing lighting, bedside lamps,
  • blinds and possibly curtains or curtains,
  • mirror on the wall or free-standing,
  • a dressing table with a stool and a mirror,
  • a rug or a few small rugs,
  • armchair with a small table,
  • candles and knick-knacks,
  • alarm clock and watch.

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